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Cooking is a joy for you; you love farmers’ markets and experimenting with new recipes. Form and function are equally important to you when adding to your kitchen collection.

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Rich, smooth, full-bodied coffee is a plunge away with the compact Aeropress.  Invented by Alan Adler of Aerobie Frisbee, the compact Aeropress is a thoughtfully put together plunger method that is lightweight and perfect for making an Americano or espresso-style coffee right into a mug. The Aeropress’ chamber is filled with grounds and water, gently stirred, and a cap with a paper microfilter is screwed onto the top. After steeping the grounds, invert the Aeropress and plunge. Clean up is easy too: just unscrew the cap and plunge out the filter and grounds. Perfect for camping and traveling.

Product Highlights:

  • All materials are BPA and phthalates free
  • Made in the USA
  • Compact and lightweight