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Bialetti Moka Express

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The Moka express slogan: “In casa un espresso come al bar” which means, “An espresso at home just like one at a coffee shop.” We love vintage houseware products that are still as popular today as they were when new to the market.  When original designs survive daily use for generations they become an iconic classic. Alfonso Bialetti’s 1933 eight-sided Moka pot is one of these iconic originals. We found it changes a routine into an enjoyable ritual. The gurgling sound signals that the brew cycle is complete followed by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee will make the mechanical experience of making your morning coffee with a stovetop espresso as comforting as the rattling, spitting, and hissing of an old cast iron radiator on a cold evening.  We all know nothing heats better than a cast iron radiator.

How it works:

The Moka is divided into three chambers:

  •     Bottom: boiler for the water
  •     Middle: funnel-shaped filter basket for the coffee grounds
  •     Top: carafe for the brewed coffee

When the water in the boiler makes steam the pressure will force the hot water up the funnel. The water passes through the coffee grounds into the top chamber.  This process is called steam brewing.

How to brew:

Step 1 – Fill the bottom chamber with water to just below the safety valve.

Step 2 – Fill the filter basket to the top with medium ground coffee. Do not tamp grounds, gently shake to level the grounds just below the top of the filter basket.

Step 3 – Place filter basket into the bottom water chamber and screw on the upper chamber

Step 4 – Set pot on stove over medium low heat.

Step 5 – Listen, as the water boils you will hear the gurgling sounds of the water slowly being pushed through the grounds into the upper chamber.  When the gurgling stops your coffee is ready.

Product highlights:

  • beautifully designed iconic original
  • high quality, polished aluminum body
  • made in Italy
  • stay cool handle and knob
  • available in a range of sizes Note: stovetop espresso pots are sized based on 2 oz. cups

    3-cup: brews approximately 6 oz.

    6-cup: brews approximately 12 oz.

    9-cup: brews approximately 18 oz.