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Pairs With Poultry, Pork, Dessert
Flavor Profile Bold, Spicy
Chile Chocolate Brownies
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Chipotle Olive Oil

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Deep and smoky, our natural Chipotle Olive Oil is the perfect heat for so many uses. Natural chipotle pepper oil extracts are infused with high-quality extra virgin olive oil to create an olive oil that is a great accompaniment to Southwestern and Mexican cuisine. This well balanced extra virgin olive oil is a customer favorite. Be inspired by this authentic southwestern flavor.

Pairs well with: Espresso, Black Cherry, and Dark Chocolate balsamic vinegars

Tasting notes and serving suggestions: The heat and the smoky flavor of the Chipotle Olive Oil is an excellent way to add bold flavor to your recipes. Pair with our Espresso balsamic for a terrific marinade for steaks, chicken or pork. Perfect for steak fajitas. Replace some of the butter in your favorite brownie recipe for a surprisingly delicious sweet smoky brownie.

Style: Infused


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