You spend so much time in your kitchen preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and that’s not to mention cleaning up afterwards...). We’ve rounded up our favorite kitchen gadgets that will save you time and help you get back to the best parts of cooking. 

1. Microplane, $12.95


We love this handy grater for so many different kitchen jobs from grating hard cheese, zesting citrus fruits for baked goods and dressings, creating wispy curls of chocolate, grating ginger and garlic for marinades or curries, and it even makes quick work of whole spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. 

2. Joseph Joseph Stainless Steel Garlic Rocker, $14.99

garlic press

By pressing and rocking downward, garlic cloves are crushed up into the well of the perforated shallow well so it can be easily scooped or scraped out. As stainless steel is effective in removing the scent of garlic, use the rocker as a stainless steel bar of soap under water to take away the garlic scent on hands and fingers.

3. Harold Lemon Squeezer, $13.99

lemon squeezer

This ultra-handy kitchen gadget eliminates the hard work, mess, seeds and pulp. Simply put your halved lemon cut side down in the squeezer and then squeeze the handles together.  The result is pure fresh squeezed lemon juice. 

4. Berry Colander, 4.99 (In-Store Only)

berry collander

This great collapsible small berry colander will prove to be one of the best kitchen utensils you've ever purchased. When opened, the colander measures approximately 8 1/4 inches long, 5 inches wide and 3 inches deep -- with a capacity of 3 cups. It sits easily in any sink and then collapses to a little less than an inch. Slips quickly into a space as small as a drawer and is ready for quick use. 

5. Mandolin, $44.99


 The four interchangeable blades of the Benriner give us the choice of thickness from .3mm to .5mm and the double edge blades allow us to slice in either direction. The Benriner slicer is compact and lightweight making it easy to store and use. Daikon, cukes, and carrots seem to come alive in our salads, and, with uniform slices, vegetables are evenly cooked. 

6. OXO Handheld Spiralizer, $14.99

handheld spiralizer

This handheld spiralizer from OXO makes it easy to turn vegetables into noodles with just a few twists. The open-blade design accommodates long vegetables like zucchini and round vegetables like squash. The spiked food holder keeps your hand safe and acts as a storage cap. 

7. OXO Herb Stripper, $6.99

herb stripper

If we had to pick one handy gadget for our kitchen, this herb stripper from OXO would be it. We use herbs in almost every dish we cook, and our prep time is cut in half by using this neat little tool. It efficiently strips fresh herbs like parsley, cilantro, thyme, tarragon, and marjoram from their stems, leaving them ready for chopping. The holes along the body are designed from stripping greens from their thick stems, making de-ribbing kale, collards or chard a breeze with an easy pull.

8. Norpro Grip-EZ Fruit Corer and Wedger, $7.99

apple corer and slicer

An apple a day will be a breeze with this handy fruit corer and wedger. Cut and core apples in one downward stroke. The ez grip handles give you good leverage along with the stainless steel blades let you handily cut your apples into 8 even sections with 1 easy motion.

9. Chef’n Strawberry Huller, 7.99 (In-Store Only)

strawberry huller

The warmer seasons are upon us! Which means so is strawberry and tomato season! This strawberry huller removes leaves and stems while leaving as much fruit as possible—and it can core tomatoes.

10. OXO Y Peeler, $9.99

vegetable peeler

Peel veggies and fruits faster than ever with this Y shaped peeler from OXO. Like all OXO products, this peeler is designed with comfort and function in mind, and the soft handle cushions your hand and is non-slip, so you can peel with ease even with wet hands.