Of the many canned wines we carry, one holds an extra special place in our heart. Blue Lobster Wine Company is a Portland, Maine based urban winery that is located just over a mile from our Commercial Street store. We are fortunate to be able to carry a plethora of local products and work closely with the makers. Just the other day we were able to meet with the owner of Blue Lobster, Chris Gamble and see how the cans of wine we carry in store are canned and produced. 

blue lobster tasting room

Located on Anderson Street between Eighteen Twenty Wines and Lone Pine Brewing Co. sits their newly opened tasting room which doubles as the space where they can the wine itself. A small industrial space with lots of character, the one open room is inviting and comfortable. Stationed in a part of town that is dominated primarily by beer, the urban winery is an outlier not only in competing with the many local breweries, but also they have to constantly fight the general stigma of canned wine. The company name Blue Lobster is perfect not only because the lobster is synonymous with Maine and the company’s roots, but also that the company offers people in the area something completely different. After all one lobster in a million is blue. 

photos of inside the winery

On our visit, while we tasted through the wines, Chris told us that they are very selective about the vineyards and winemakers they work with, and work with growers to select wines that are in line with Blue Lobster’s taste profile and quality. For now, the wine is being sourced from California, and is barrel aged, blended and canned here in Portland. Future plans involve eventually transitioning to bringing in whole fruit to make the wine at the Blue Lobster winery. They currently make four wines: a Rose, a Chardonnay, an old vine Zinfandel and the Bayside Blend. These will vary a bit as they grow and progress, but the Rose and Bayside Blend will be staples. These are all currently available to taste at their tasting room on Anderson St, at many local restaurants in a can and on draught, and available here at LeRoux. 

behind the scenes at blue lobster companyChris Gamble Holding canned rose

There is a misconception that canned wine is somehow lower in quality than wine in a bottle. Not only do cans have many virtues for the winemakers, such as a smaller environmental impact, less risk of spoilage, and lower production costs, they’re also fun, portable, and increasingly excellent in quality. For instance, canned wine is ideal to bring to a picnic, lazy beach day or friend's barbecue this summer season. 

tasting room

Be sure to join us next week during Portland Wine Week to sample Blue Lobster and other canned wine on Saturday, June 23rd from 1-4 PM.