Although Easter is often considered one of the more formal holidays of the year you can opt for a more casual brunch with family and friends. Not only is this brunch menu great for Easter, but also a great way to celebrate the onset of spring.

You have to have eggs for Easter brunch! And not just the dyed kind—we're talking deviled eggs, quiches, frittatas, omelets, you name it. A flavorful Easter brunch menu should also work in fresh seasonal ingredients, such as asparagus, scallions, and peas.

Easter Brunch Plate

The Menu

Easter Brunch

Serving Easter Brunch Salad

Easter Brunch Lemon Loaf

When it comes to drinks we suggest keeping it simple: a mimosa bar with several juice options and a bowl of fresh berries so people can make their own.

The Decor

Take visual cues from springtime. For instance, we used soft green placemats and white dishes to serve the food on. Of course no Easter-themed meal is complete without incorporating a rabbit (or a few) so we lay a cute bunny tablecloth on our rustic farm table.

Easter Brunch

For a simple, yet elegant table arrangement, we choose a centerpiece of freshcut flowers and an array of dyed Easter eggs in colorful Le Creuset egg dishes. Another idea is to set your plates with a single tulip tied neatly to a dinner napkin for each guest.