One area in all our stores we are especially keen on is the candy section. Many of us have quite the sweet tooth and we carry a large assortment of treats to soothe those very cravings. For years, we have wanted to create our own custom confection (a series of signature LeRoux Chocolate bars) and this fall we were finally able to make that dream a reality. We wanted to create something delicious, unique and beautiful that was inspired by our coastal surroundings. We have been working with Black Dinah, a local chocolatier, for years now, and they proved to be the perfect partner for this venture. Kate and Steve Shaffer starting making chocolate on Isle au Haut, using local ingredients and inspiration from the sea and island around them. They share our love for the coastal waters and for delicious sweets, and we are so lucky to have them create this signature line of chocolate bars for us.  In sticking with Black Dinah’s commitment to quality, local ingredients, all the components of our bars are organic, including the rich Venezuelan chocolate.

This line of chocolate bars celebrates our connection to the ocean and our coastal home. To do our small part in ensuring the health and conservation of this great sea that surrounds us, we are giving a portion of the proceeds from this chocolate bar to the Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation, which is dedicated to safeguarding New England’s waters.

Available instore and online.