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Hario V60 Pour Over Kit

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What began as a factory manufacturing laboratory glassware has transformed into one of the specialty coffee industry’s leading manufacturers of high-quality coffeeware. Hario was founded in Tokyo in 1921, and has been continually dedicated to the production and design of heatproof glass. Their products not only have superior functionality, but are sleek and modern in design. Hario coffee products are a go-to for coffee professionals and home enthusiasts alike.

Hario’s V60 Pour Over Kit includes all you need to brew and serve pour over coffee. The V60 conical brewer is designed with ridges along its inner wall which allow brewed coffee to exit the cone along both the bottom and sides of the dripper, allowing for an even brew. The glass serving carafe makes it easy to brew up to 5 cups, and allows for a stylish presentation on the table. This kit includes a coffee scoop and 100 paper filters.

Product Highlights:

  • Include 100 size 2 coffee filters
  • 700 ml glass server with lid
  • Dishwasher safe