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Event Date Oct 2, 2019
Event Address 161 Commercial St, Portland ME 04101
Event Summary LeRoux's co-founder, Michael Levandowski, is making a special appearance to showcase his tips for making risotto, in three different ways. Risotto is the perfect dish for fall, and these three variations embody the autumn: chestnut risotto, artichoke and Champagne risotto, and roasted squash risotto.
Event Cost $60
Event Time 5:30p-7:30p

Risotto 3 Ways

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Michael Levandowski, (who owns LeRoux along with his wife April) went to Cambridge Culinary School back when it was known as Cambridge Creative Cuisine. Michael has made risotto for the staff several times over the years, and he’s finally volunteered to do a class for us. He will be showcasing his tips to making delicious risotto three times over. His menu is perfect for fall: Chestnut Risotto, Artichoke and Champagne Risotto, and Roasted Squash Risotto. We couldn’t be happier to have Michael in the kitchen sharing his experience making what can sometimes be a finicky dish. 

When: October 3, 2019; 5:30-7:30pm

Where: 161 Commercial St, Portland ME 04101

Cost: $60