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Event Date Jan 15, 2020
Event Address 161 Commercial Street, Portland ME 04101
Event Summary We're happy to welcome Chris Toy for his first cooking class with LeRoux! This class will cover the tools, techniques and ingredients of classic Chinese cooking.
Event Cost $65
Event Time 5:30-7:30

Secrets of Chinese Cooking #1

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Chris has been teaching Asian cooking techniques in southern and midcoast Maine for 40 years, including at Stonewall Kitchen in York. (His first cooking classes were in this building back when it was The Whip and Spoon!) An international educational consultant, he learned to cook in his parents’ kitchen and has since become skilled in marrying Far East dishes with local ingredients to create flavorful fusion cuisine. The class will learn about the tools, techniques and ingredients of classic Chinese cooking.  Dishes on the menu are Wok Baked Five Spice Whole Chicken, Fresh Handmade Wonton Soup, Seafood Stir Fry and Perfect Steamed Rice.

Where: 161 Commercial St, Portland ME 04101
When: Thursday, Jan 16 2020
Cost: $65