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Olive Wood Serrated Cheese Knife

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Level: The Home Chef

You tackle weekend-long cooking projects like a true Iron Chef, and you likely care for either a sourdough starter or a kombucha SCOBY. Your kitchen is your haven; let us help you fill it with the best equipment out there.

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Olive wood adds a touch of natural beauty to any table or plate, and this serrated olive wood cheese knife is no exception. Each piece in the Acero Collection from Browne & Co is crafted from sustainably harvested olive wood, and every knife is unique due to the variation in the grain of the wood. The 8” stainless steel serrated blade is sturdy enough for hard cheeses, but works just as beautifully with softer ones as well. The tapered blade and pick-up on the tip of the blade made for easy slicing and serving.

Product Highlights:

  • 8”
  • Hand wash and dry thoroughly
  • Use mineral oil or beeswax on the handle to restore its original luster