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Progressive Dual Speed Chop & Whip

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Cooking is a joy for you; you love farmers’ markets and experimenting with new recipes. Form and function are equally important to you when adding to your kitchen collection.

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It doesn't take long to turn raw ingredients into your favorite salsa with the aid of this clever hand-powered chopper. Use the grey gear to chop vegetables and prepare salsas and spreads. For dressings, use the green gear with the chopping blade to make quick work of emulsifying a delicious vinaigrette.

The whisk attachment and faster green gear make whipped cream easy. The best part is that this small human powered food processor is portable and quiet - make salsa on the patio, have the kids whip up cream for dessert at the table, or take it to the cabin for a gourmet weekend!

Product Highlights:

  • Two speeds: grey gear spins 4x per rotation and green gear spins 8x per rotation. Grey gear is ideal for chopping onions and preparing salsa. Green gear works best for dressings and whipped cream
  • Non-skid base
  • All parts store inside chopping bowl
  • 6 cup capacity
  • Gears spin right or left
  • Human-powered!
  • Dishwasher safe