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Nadiya Bakes

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You tread lightly in the kitchen, and lean on an arsenal of tools to help you prepare meals. Unadorned, practical items fill your kitchen shelves, there to help get the job done.

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The Great British Baking Show winner and host of the Netflix series Time to Eat and Nadiya Bakes brings us her fifth cookbook, filled cover to cover with more than 100 delectable recipes. 

This book features Americanized recipes for all kinds of sweets and treats, from Key Lime Cupcakes to Spiced Squash Strudel. Whether you’re a baking beginner or a pro, everything in this book is as simple as it is delicious, allowing these tasty cakes, cookies, breads, tarts, and puddings to become a mainstay for any home baker.

Nadiya Bakes: Over 100 Must-Try Recipes for Breads, Cakes, Biscuits, Pies, and More: A Baking Book

By Nadiya Hussain

ISBN 9780593233733

Published by Penguin Random House