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RSVP BBQ Grilling Pan

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Level: The Casual Cook

You tread lightly in the kitchen, and lean on an arsenal of tools to help you prepare meals. Unadorned, practical items fill your kitchen shelves, there to help get the job done.

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Don't let any more errant asparagus spears slip through your grill grate. This stainless steel grill basket from RSVP is precision pierced with tiny holes that are designed to let heat in and keep your veggies, shrimp or other small foods safe and contained. The stainless steel construction means the hight heat from the grill will reach the food inside the basket and achieve the same tasty grill marks as if they were directly on the grates. Never lose another shrimp to the coals again with this stainless seell grill basket. 

Product Highlights
-17.5" x 11" x 2"
-Stainless Steel
-Dishwasher safe
-Small precision piercings