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Sweet Heat Gift Pack

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A collection for the spice-chasing, outdoor-loving adventurous cook. Each of these olive oils and Balsamic vinegar bring warmth, depth and intense flavor to any food. Our Olive Wood Smoked Olive Oil will make meat taste like it’s been on the smoker for hours, and the Maple Balsamic brings the woods of Vermont to your table. Roast sweet potato fries in the Chipotle Olive Oil for a smoky, spicy kick, and sneak a little Baklouti Green Chile Olive Oil into your bowl of guacamole.

Included in this Gift Pack:

  • Olive Wood Smoked EVOO
  • Chipotle EVOO
  • Maple Balsamic
  • Baklouti Green Chile EVOO

Each bottle in this pack is 60ml.