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Teak Haus End Grain Cutting Boards

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In our kitchen, we are always looking for boards that can pull double-duty for chopping and serving. These beautiful end grain sustainable teak boards are kind to our knives and make a stunning presentation at the table. We love that they are made from Forest Stewardship Council certified lumber, meaning that this teak is grown and harvested in a socially, environmentally, and economically responsible manner. Teak wood is famous for being used in boat building and high-end outdoor furniture, as the natural oils in the hardwood make teak resistant to water damage and rot. Teak is the perfect material for a show-stopping cutting board that will withstand many years of use in the kitchen and on the table.

Traditional end grain boards are composed of small blocks of wood tiled together with the grain of the timber arranged vertically. This construction makes the boards very strong and unlikely to warp. The end grain fibers create an ideal surface for chopping and carving without dulling your knives. The natural oils in the teak mean that compared to other hardwood boards, these chopping blocks will require less oiling and maintenance. You can expect this board to impress with its durability, beauty, and overall performance.

Product highlights:

  • Forest Stewardship Council certified teak
  • Naturally water and rot resistant
  • To maintain, periodically oil with mineral oil
  • Hand wash and dry thoroughly