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Wusthof Classic 2-Piece Asian Set

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Cooking is a joy for you; you love farmers’ markets and experimenting with new recipes. Form and function are equally important to you when adding to your kitchen collection.

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Wusthof knives are built to last for generations. Family owned for over 200 years, Wusthof knives are still crafted in Solingen, Germany. Known as the “City of Blades,”  Solingen has over 2,000 years of blacksmithing history and today Wusthof’s modern proprietary Precision Edge Technology produces a refined edge that is 20% sharper and effortlessly chops, slices, and dices.

This Wusthof Classic 2pc set includes a 5” Hollow Ground Santoku and a 3” Flat Parer. Both knives are the multi-taskers of our knife block set. They are ideal for detailed prep work and slicing. The 3” flat parer is a wonderful tool for slicing garlic, ginger, and other small vegetables and herbs. The flat blade ensures control and precision on the chopping block. The 5” hollow ground santoku is a versatile prep knife. The flatter Asian style blade allows for even slices and the indentations along the blade create air pockets allowing food to glide off as it’s sliced. The Hollow Ground Santoku is finished to a fine, razor sharp 10 degree angle on each side which allows for precise and even slices. These knives are key for detailed slicing and effortless prep work.

Product Highlights:

  • Set includes 5” hollow ground santoku and 3” straight parer
  • Forged from sturdy high-carbon steel
  • Wusthof’s Precision Edge Technology ensures a 20% sharper blade
  • Durable Polymer handles
  • Made in Germany


  • Hand wash with soap and water and dry immediately.
  • Store in a knife black or knife guard to protect the knife and to ensure safety.
  • Do not use knives on metal, stone or glass surfaces.
  • Regular use of honing steel will maintain the knife’s edge.
  • Sharpen with a pull through sharpener or whetstone. Knives may be professionally sharpened. With regular use of honing steel, sharpening should not be needed more than once or twice a year.