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About Us

Founded in 1980

LeRoux was founded in 1980 on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. It was originally a clothing and shoe store whose products reflected the energy of summers on Island. Those summers were filled with coastal adventures and evenings with friends and family preparing great meals using local produce and fish. The LeRoux lifestyle was young, hip and active with the kind of energy that was fun, wholesome and healthy. We remember those years filled with days feeling safe, relaxed and truly carefree.

Founded in 1980

In 1988 my wife and business partner, April, and I moved to the Island full time, breaking with corporate to try island life together. After leaving our jobs and selling our Beacon Hill home we moved to a small summer house on Chappaquiddick. Moving to the Island full time changed our lives.  It was in these early days that we fell in love with coastal living and its sense of place.  This decision strengthened our friendship, gave us commonality and allowed us to explore our passion for life.  In that Chappy cottage, on an old wooden dining table we began planning our future, asking how we further develop LeRoux to complement our new life.  

While the stories we can tell about products are finite, the ability to weave a narrative around a meal is limitless.

This was the time to plan change and redefine LeRoux. It was important to us to build a business that reflected our interest in cooking and home. We wanted LeRoux to emerge in a way that it would be helpful and successful by filling the needs of our community, something of which we could be proud. That planning and desire guided us as we worked to build the business which is now nearly 38 years old and has extended its reach to the coastal communities of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. Today LeRoux is more than just a great home & kitchen supply store. Rather, the assortment of products and ingredients we sell serve as components for something larger, allowing our customers to create unique experiences for themselves, for their friends and for their family through the preparation and enjoyment of food. While the stories we can tell about products are finite, the ability to weave a narrative around a meal is limitless. That’s why, whenever possible, we aim to take what we do to a deeper place by relating it to the emotions inherent in cooking; the fun, the excitement, the wonder, the curiosity and the love. When we all communicate the passion that goes into cooking and the bonds that can develop from sharing a meal, it allows all of us to form a more meaningful and memorable connection to our own lives.

The goal of this web and media project is to create a path to connect us by sharing ideas, recipes and that sense of place that is home. This connection allows us to share delicious food, living a wholesome, healthy and happy lifestyle, all of which strengthens our community. Over time the content in the site will build as we bring you the stories, ingredients, recipes and products that we all find and enjoy. This project will never be complete but will evolve as we continue to collaborate with vendors, purveyors and our customers. With the pace of change, we believe today more than ever people want to slow down, relax, exercise creativity, connect with others by sharing and telling stories. For us these experiences often start at home in the kitchen cooking together for family and friends. By visiting LeRoux and experimenting, we hope you derive inspiration, adventure, confidence and that satisfying connection with life.

Special thanks to Amy, John & family for generously providing their home for our initial photo shoot.