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Bodum Chambord French Press

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The ease of use and the consistency of the coffee the Bodum Chambord French Press produces has made us into loyal fans. It is a simple way to brew a flavorful pot of coffee. Why is it so flavorful?  How can something invented in 1929 make great coffee in just four minutes? The French press brewing process completely saturates the coffee grounds, first blooming the grounds then steeping them directly in the water, allowing all the flavors of the coffee to be extracted without the use of filters.  Paper filters can eliminate some of the subtle flavors of brewed coffee. Many paper filters capture oils and flavor instead of allowing them to pass through to the final cup. After four minutes of brewing time you simply press the plunger down to separate the grounds from the liquid and pour yourself of cup of rich flavorful coffee. This morning ritual will make your first cup of coffee the best cup you’ll have all day; it may even make your day better- love always does.

Product Highlights:

  • Made from durable material, frame, and lid made of steel with chrome plating
  • Made with the highest standards of environmentally correct manufacturing
  • Dishwasher safe