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Fellow Pour-Over Stagg Kettles

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You tackle weekend-long cooking projects like a true Iron Chef, and you likely care for either a sourdough starter or a kombucha SCOBY. Your kitchen is your haven; let us help you fill it with the best equipment out there.

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Fellow Pour Over Stag kettles are designed to bring out optimal pour over flavor. We love the beauty and design of these kettles, and with a carefully designed gooseneck spout, Fellow’s innovative design allows for slow, controlled extraction of flavor from the coffee in the pour over process. The built-in thermometer indicates optimal brew temperature between 195 and 205 Fahrenheit, resulting in an ideal brew. The kettle features a weighted handle, making it easy to pour at a steady rate. With Fellow’s innovation and thoughtful design, we’re able to enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of pour-over coffee each morning.

Product Highlights:

  • Thermometer indicates optimal brew temperature
  • Ergonomic handle and weight for a balanced pour over
  • 33.8 fl oz
  • Compatible with electric, gas, and induction cooktops
  • Handwash
  • Made in China