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Helen Chen’s Carbon Steel 12” Round Bottom Wok Set

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Helen Chen’s 12” wok set has everything you need to turn out a flavorful and healthy stir fry. The set includes a recipe booklet, stabilizing ring, 13” bamboo spatula and the 12” carbon steel wok. Carbon steel heats up quickly and evenly, perfect for stir fry cooking. Helen Chen’s 12” wok is made from 1.4 mm of carbon steel and is easy to season and maintain. Carbon steel will develop a patina over time becoming naturally non-stick and smooth. The more it is used the darker and more non-stick it will get. Like a much loved cast iron pan, carbon steel may be reasoned and will be enjoyed for years. The rubberwood handle is heat-resistant.

Product Highlights:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Rubberwood handle
  • Includes 12” carbon steel round bottom wok, 12” stablazier ring, recipe booklet, 13” bamboo spatula
  • Hand wash only and thoroughly dry
  • Maintain seasoning by heating vegetable oil in pan and wiping clean
  • Before first time use, hand wash, dry, and season to seal surface
  • Recipes and seasoning instructions included