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HIC Kitchen Wooden Pestle for Chinois

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  • HIC's Pestle presses pulp and thicker ingredients through a fine-mesh chinois for smooth, velvety textures and tastier results without any lumps
  • Made from hardwood; tapered to work perfectly with a cone-shaped chinois
  • Simply pulse ingredients in a blender, pour into a chinois, press pulp and thicker contents through the mesh with pestle and into a collection bowl
  • Ideal helper tool for canning and making sauces, soup, purees, pastes, jelly, custard, curds and more
  • Processes thicker ingredients quickly; use with HIC's Chinois to press pulp and thicker foods through the mesh; hand wash in warm, soapy water

Product Highlights:
10" L x 2" Dia
5.3 oz
Made from rubberwood