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R. Murphy Duxbury Oyster Knife - Green Ocean Plastic Handles

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The plastic handle of this knife is made from 50% recycled ocean-bound plastic collected in Haiti. Wind and rain drive plastic trash into the waterways and oceans from land. Knife manufacturer R. Murphy has partnered with Envision Plastics, a company that provides families in Haiti jobs collecting this ocean-bound trash. This effort helps keep Haitian beaches clean and pays enough money per collected bag of plastic to feed a family of four for a week.  The collected trash is turned into pellets that are used to make the plastic handles for these knives. This effort helps stop the flow of this plastic trash into the oceans and provides needed employment in Haiti. A pretty cool solution to two important problems within that community.

To shuck an oyster, the hinge must be broken and the abductor muscle cut. The hinge method of opening an oyster is most popular. Place the tip of the blade against the hinge and wiggle it into the hinge until the knife tip is firmly inserted. With the knife tip inserted twist the knife as you would turn a dial. Resist prying up and down - that will only break off pieces of the shell. We find that the narrow stiff pointed blade of the Duxbury eases into the hinge of an oyster making it quick and easy to use. Slide the blade of the knife across the inside of the top shell to cut the abductor muscle free from the top shell and remove top shell. Now carefully slide the knife under the body of the oyster to cut the abductor muscle free from the shell. Try to keep the belly & mantle intact and the liquor in the shell. Now enjoy!

Product Highlights:

  • Handle made from 50% ocean-bound plastic
  • Short, stiff, pointed stainless steel blade  
  • 2 1/8th L x 5/8th W blade
  • Made in America
  • Designed by Duxbury Massachusetts oysterman