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Breville Barista Touch Espresso Machine

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When we first used this machine we were super impressed with all of its features, especially how easy it is to use.  Breville has streamlined the entire espresso making experience, allowing you to make Barista quality drinks straight from the pre-programed menu. The Breville Barista Touch gives you a mixture of a fully automatic espresso machine with the flexibility of a semi-automatic in a compact, all-in-one machine. It is the perfect machine for someone that likes the idea of presets but also wants some ability to customize those presets to suit their individual tastes.  Imagine using the touch screen to fine tune your morning cappuccino so it’s exactly to your liking. You can even name and save those custom settings as a button on the touch screen for future use.  The touch screen is very intuitive and easy to navigate between drinks. Add to this a great built in burr grinder and automatic milk steaming and you will be your own barista. The touch screen steps you through directly grinding the beans straight into the portafilter for a fresh taste. A quick level and tamp and you are ready to brew.  Move from freshly ground coffee to extraction in seconds thanks to Breville’s innovative heating and brewing system. The automatic frother adds air to the milk, making the complicated process of foaming milk super easy. This milk steaming feature is fabulous steaming milk to perfect consistency, texture and temperature all hands free. All you need to do is swipe through the touchscreen menu to select your drink and follow a few simple instructions to enjoy your favorite coffee drink at home.

Product highlights:

  • Intuitive touch screen lets you navigate through options to select drinks.
  • Preset menu includes Espresso, Americano, Latte, Flat white, and Cappuccino.
  • Automatic grind feature does the desired amount to coffee directly into the portafilter.
  • Ability to fine tune & store up to eight personalized coffee drinks on the touch screen.
  • Use the touchscreen to customize your drink to suit your personal taste, by adjusting brew time, milk texture and milk temperature.
  • Automatic milk steaming that auto aerates your milk.
  • Innovative heating system delivers optimum extraction temperature in seconds.
  • Touchscreen tutorials help you get started.


  • S/S frothing pitcher
  • One cup & two cup filter baskets