Come grab a plate at LeRoux Thanksgiving! On Saturday, November 11th, the crew in our Portland store will be whipping up all the Turkey Day classics– sour cream mashed potatoes, herb roasted veggies, sweet & savory tomato pudding (just try it!), pillowy homemade potato rolls, caramelized onion gravy, a big ol’ sage-roasted turkey (of course), and much more!

We’ll also be joined by Hannah and Liz at Vina Ann’s Baking. They’ll be serving slices of their Bougie Chocolate Bourbon Pecan pie and Caramel Apple Crumb pie, which you can learn to make in our pie baking class on November 15th!

Several Bougie Chocolate Bourbon Pecan pies wait to go into the oven. A close up shot of a Caramel Apple Crumb pie.

We’ll start serving food at 1:00pm, and we’ll keep going until the turkey’s polished off and the pie plates are cleaned. Stop by for a plate, and peruse the store to make sure you’ve got all the tools you need for your own Thanksgiving dinner. You can even knock out some of your Christmas shopping while you’re here! This is a free event.