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Wusthof Classic Two Piece Carving Set

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Wusthof knives are built to last for generations. Family owned for over 200 years, Wusthof knives are still crafted in Solingen, Germany. Known as the “City of Blades,”  Solingen has over 2,000 years of blacksmithing history and today Wusthof’s modern proprietary Precision Edge Technology produces a refined edge that is 20% sharper and effortlessly chops, slices, and dices.

After preparing a decadent holiday roast or a simple weeknight meal of roast chicken, this fully forged fork and carving knife set is perfect for serving up the meal. The riveted and durable 6”  straight meat fork keeps the roast in place and the 8” hollow carver is the perfect length for slicing portions from anything from poultry to larger roasts. The curved blade helps carve close to the bone, and the hollow ground edge allows the meat to easily fall away from the blade. This handsome carving set turns a simple task into an event worthy of an audience of dinner guests.  

Product Highlights:

  • Set includes 8” hollow carving knife and 6” straight meat fork
  • Forged from sturdy high-carbon steel
  • Wusthof’s Precision Edge Technology ensures a 20% sharper blade
  • Durable Polymer handles


  • Hand wash with soap and water and dry immediately.
  • Store in a knife black or knife guard to protect the knife and to ensure safety.
  • Do not use knives on metal, stone or glass surfaces.
  • Regular use of honing steel will maintain the knife’s edge.
  • Sharpen with a pull through sharpener or whetstone. Knives may be professionally sharpened. With regular use of honing steel, sharpening should not be needed more than once or twice a year.