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Ravioli Form

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Cooking is a joy for you; you love farmers’ markets and experimenting with new recipes. Form and function are equally important to you when adding to your kitchen collection.

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We love making ravioli. Fresh homemade pasta with whichever filling we choose makes for both a cozy family meal and an impressive dinner party course . This form helps you make ravioli in your own kitchen, 12 little packets of deliciousness at a time. Place a sheet of rolled out pasta dough on the metal frame, then using the plastic form, gently push down to create a little home for the filling. Fill each pocket with your filling of choice (we recommend mushroom duxelle with a little shaved Parmigiano Reggiano). Top with another sheet of pasta, then gently roll over the whole thing with a rolling pin and you will have a dozen perfectly filled and sealed ravioli.  This ravioli form will have you channeling your inner Lidia Bastianich, and you’ll never buy ravioli again.

Product Highlights:

  • Fill, cut and seal 12 ravioli at a time quickly and easily
  • Made of heavy duty aluminum
  • Makes a dozen 1¾” square ravioli
  • Hand-wash in warm soapy water