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Origin Italy
Pairs With Cheese, Salad, Fruit, Duck, Beef, Lamb, Dessert
Flavor Profile Bold, Dark
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Pomegranate Dark Balsamic

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Indigenous to the warm climates of the Mediterranean, Asia and the Middle East, the intense sweet-tart flavor of Pomegranate balsamic is the perfect accompaniment to a wide range of foods from salads to rich, savory meats like lamb and duck.

Pairs well with: Basil, Persian Lime, Blood Orange, Herbes de Provence and Lemon Olive Oils.

Tasting notes and serving suggestions: Whisk together with Persian Lime Olive Oil, add pomegranate seeds, toasted nuts and feta cheese for an exceptionally healthy and satisfying salad. Fantastic in a marinade, use to glaze lamb, beef, and duck, enhance the flavor of pan sauces and enrich gravies. Drizzle over poached pears for a heavenly dessert.

Country of origin: Italy

This product contains no added sugar.

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