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Origin Italy
Pairs With Vegetables, Salad, Seafood, Poultry
Flavor Profile Sweet

Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic

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Refreshingly sweet with a crisp lemon tanginess, this balsamic perfectly balances acidity with bright lemon flavor and aroma. It is sure to become a pantry favorite.

Pairs well with: Tuscan Herb, Blood Orange, Persian Lime, Basil, Herbs de Provence and Wild Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Pair with Japanese Roasted Sesame Oil for a fantastic salad dressing or marinade.

Tasting notes and serving suggestions: Use this balsamic with Herbs de Provence to make lemon chicken. Fantastic with Haricots Verts and white Cannellini beans. Marries perfectly with Wild Rosemary as a dressing for boiled redskin potatoes, grilled corn or a fennel & arugula salad. Ideally suited for drizzling over fish or shellfish. Measure a teaspoon into a tall glass of sparkling water for a refreshing beverage.

Country of origin: Italy

This product contains no added sugar.

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