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Origin Italy
Pairs With Cheese, Salad, Fruit, Seafood, Dessert
Flavor Profile Tart, Sweet, Dark
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Raspberry Dark Balsamic

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Like pulling ripe, plump berries off of a vine, this juicy balsamic is both sweet and tart. Perfectly balanced, rich and thick.

Pairs well with: Chipotle, Blood Orange, Persian Lime and Lemon olive oils.

Tasting notes and serving suggestions: Dress a salad of mixed greens and a little goat cheese. Pairs perfectly with Chipotle Olive Oil as a marinade for chicken or pork. Use with the Persian Lime as a glaze for shrimp or scallops. For dessert whip into cream and serve with shortbread cookies.

Country of origin: Italy

This product contains no added sugar.

Click here for balsamic nutritional facts.


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